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We are here to keep it real and exciting. This requires keeping things practical but refreshing. A big part of our job is to make the perfect pairings for you so that you tap into what's meaningful without miss-stepping; we intricately integrate your story within the tightly woven thread of the times.   

Founded by Hakim Dubois, DEKĀD

specializes in a wide range of project scales. From private showcases to major stages, from corporates to SMBs, we're ready to make  something special and bring you to the table.




Brand Activations are curated experiences that provide a tangible experience between your offering and your ideal audience. Whether you need us to design and produce your event or arrange for unique product placement, we raise awareness that facilitates memories that outlast the moment.

Project Management

We have a decentralized capacity to manage projects including but not limited to product launches, TV commercials, digital advertisements, video productions, corporate events, fashion shows, and art exhibitions.

Influencer Marketing

Our approach to Influencer Marketing ensures that the endorsement for your brand is an authentic collaboration that leads to new leads that are genuinely aligned with your target demographic.

Digital Strategy

We identify pathways that cut through the competition of your brand's market. We work with you to provide a vision and communication model that achieves business goals. In addition to revealing the landscape, we can create the content for all required mediums and manage the online initiatives.

Content Creation

We are equipped to create high-quality multi-media content to uniquely position your brand. This can be anything from copywriting to photography, that GIPH you really want, or a full-blown music video. 

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